About us

What Is American Buy Back?
American Buy Back pays you for your old or unwanted electronics. We specialize in the re-use, revitalization, and resale of used items. We offer a safe and simple way for our customers to get a fair price for their old valuables by giving an up front offer based on model and condition, and providing a free shipping label to send us your item! We want to keep your items out of the landfills, so if you have electronics of no value we will be happy to recycle them for free! Our goal is to provide the most reliable way to sell your valuables instantly without having to navigate online auction sites or deal with uncomfortable parking lot meetings to sell expensive items.
What Happens When I Sell My Item?
Once you accept an offer, you will enter your information for the shipping label and have a choice to print it instantly or have us send it to you through the mail. Securely package your order for shipping in a box or padded envelope, then simply attach this label to the outside of the package. This is a USPS label so the package can be left in your mailbox or dropped off at your local US Post Office and it will be promptly delivered to us. As soon as we receive it, we will process your order and issue your payment! You select a check (mailed) or PayPal (instant) payment when creating the order, and your payment will be sent within one business day of being received!
What Does American Buy Back Do With My Order?
We look for new life in your old items! Whether they are in perfect working condition or completely broken, we will find the right way to use your item. When an item can be used again, we find a new home for it where it can be appreciated again. If an item is beyond repair, we use the parts to help get similar devices back in working order. Our goal is to keep these items out of landfills, so you can be sure that we recycle every part that can not be used again!
Why American Buy Back?
American Buy Back exists to make the world work a little better. There are countless devices sentenced to life in a drawer that could be used again by a new owner. Rather than letting these items waste away or end up in a landfill, we have created a system that allows you to get a fair price for your items as soon as you are done with them. You can even submit items for a Unique Offer if they are not listed on the site. We compare our prices frequently to our competitors and do our best to always beat their best offers! By putting the most cash in your hands and giving new life to your items we believe we offer a service that can’t be beat. We strive to be the best so you will end our transaction with a smile on your face!
Company Details
American Buy Back is a service provided by American Buy Back LLC of St. Louis, Missouri

American Buy Back LLC BBB Business Review
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How it works
It's Simple!
  1. Visit AmericanBuyBack.com and select your item to accept your easy instant quote.
  2. Attach your free USPS shipping label to your package and mail it to us.
  3. We will process your order and get you paid within one business day of receipt!