You have 30 days from creation to send your order to us. Your offer price will be guaranteed for those 30 days. If your order is received after more than thirty days, your offer will be updated to the current price being offered for that item.

When creating your order, select the ‘Mail’ option for how you would like to receive your label and we will send it to you! You can also contact us if you need a label for an order that has already been created. Click here for our Contact page.

If you would prefer to send your package to us using your own shipping method, please be sure to include your order number and information then ship the package to:

American Buy Back
PO Box 411755
Creve Coeur,
MO: 63141-1755

American Buy Back uses The United States Postal Service (USPS) for all shipments. Your label works with USPS so you may use any of the following methods to ship your package:

  1. Simply put your package in your mailbox and put the red flag up. Your local post man will pick up the package when he drops your mail off.
  2. Drop your package off at your local USPS office, UPS store, or Approved Postal providers such as selected banks, grocery stores, and gas stations. To find a USPS office or Approved Postal Providers near you please click here.
  3. Schedule a pick up. USPS will pick your item up free of charge from your home, apartment, or business. Click here to schedule a pickup to do so.

American Buy Back strives to be the best possible option for you to sell your electronics. We offer higher prices than our competitors, and we buy items that others are not able to! We even accept items that are not in our system by letting you submit Unique Items you wish to sell. We offer the fastest possible turnaround, and keep you from having to navigate complicated online auction sites or make uncomfortable parking lot meetings to sell your valuables.

American Buy Back will process your order and issue your payment within one business day of receiving your shipment. Express checks are delivered the next day, standard checks take 2-5 days in the mail, and a PayPal payment is instant! Your payment will be in your hands as soon as possible!

We accept hundreds of models of Cell Phones, iPods, iPads, and computers! To browse the items we purchase, click here. Everything we make instant offers for is listed on the website, but if you would like an offer on an item that is not listed, you can submit a unique item here.

Yes, you can sell an unlimited number of items through our system. It will speed up the order process for you to put the items all on one order and ship them together. If you are looking to sell in bulk, or are a business looking to sell your old inventory then don’t hesitate to contact us at